Country Garden Project Country Garden Holdings is a awards winning developer who has high expectation and never compromise on quality in their high-end integrated project which consists residential & commercial.
Forest City Project Forest City comprises of four (4) islands with 3,425 acres, surrounded by sea grass, flora and fauna. It is made up of 4 reclaimed island near Tanjung Kupang.


Active Builder Group consists of a team of building specialists, focused in purpose-built bungalows and stand-alone iconic buildings that characterize owners’ dreams for beauty and functionality, signatures of their own personal style.

High Rise

Extraordinary Legacy
A Skyscraper builder, continuously tall habitable building designed for office, commercial and residential uses. Building the elegance yet extraordinary legacy to modernism architect is a challenge.


Functionality Conveniences
We design our commercial space not just as conventional showrooms, offices & retail lots, but with an iconic quality combining functionality with contemporary comfort, designs and conveniences.


Contemporary Comfort
Each home is a personal signature, a creation of masterpiece which has no duplicate, taking into consideration their needs for recreation, work, environmental tranquility, space, comfort and functionality.


Quality workmanship is important in today's construction industry. The high quality achieved in building projects ensures future marketability and enhances the confidence of clients. By using CONQUAS as a standardized method of quality assessment, developers are able to use the CONQUAS score to set targets for contractors to achieve and also assess the quality of the finished building.